Sunday, 21 November 2010

Want lists...

I think this year our family have decided to not give Christmas gifts again to each other. Why you may ask? Well this year has been another tough one for all the family in one way or another. Also it always gets to the stage when everyone just says 'what do you want?', which is hardly the right sentiment for such a special event. So last year we scrapped giving gifts. Yes it was weird, but at the same time it took all the stress of gift hunting away. Also to be honest Christmas should be more than just giving gifts. We should just look at it as a time to spend time with love ones or just show we care to those who don't have a lot. Yes it is nice to get something special, but we can go without too. It is also nice to enter January without being in the red! I will be giving some small homemade gifts to some family and friends but they are not expensive, I have enjoyed making and will hopefully be scoffed or drank :)

What has helped me on my way with cardmaking and baking is the Pink Martini album Joy to the World which I have been listening to on Spotify. Nat on Kool Kitty Musings mentioned it and I thought I would give it a go. I love it. I really love Schedryk (Ukrainian bellcarol) which has been buzzing round my head for weeks now. You could call it a welcome earworm. I also love Congratulations-A Happy New Year Song and Alohai N'Tzor which is a beautiful Hebrew prayer. I find myself humming along and trying out the harmonies but have no idea of the lyrics! I think they could be singing a shopping list and make it sound beautiful. :)

Oh and I just got a text to say my friends little girl loved her card.... great :)
Till next time

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