Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Oooh a new blog

Well it has been some time since I put together a blog. The last one I had was more of a place to spill a lot of feelings and reflect on life. Sadly I ended up shelving it after a few dedicated years because some of my bf's friends decided to read it. I soon found I couldn't vent my spleen on a thousand and one things and it became a chore to do. I made some wonderful contacts in that time and shared a lot of laughter doing it. It helped me through some tough times and also let me share some truly memorable things.

So why have I ambled back to the world of blogging you ask? To be honest I have missed writing about the things I love in my life, whether it be my photography, cookery, papercraft, gardening or just the small details that matter. So here I am, back to play. Be gentle on me, it has been a while. If you see me floundering in the midst of blogland, then spin me round and push me in the right direction.


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