Sunday, 10 October 2010

Recipe challenge continues

Well the recipe challenge has been gong great guns I have to say. Yes we did relent and have a takeaway on one of the nights, but this girl is allowed a night off, yes?

The last couple of weeks have been hectic at work and I have had a stinking cold to top it off nicely. I came close to losing my voice a couple of times but managed to plod on regardless. For some unknown reason last week, I felt like I had worked an extra day. The week just seemed to drag way too much. I managed to finally clear my rather untidy desk at work of all the paperwork that was threatening to fall on top of me. So satisfying. I even managed to play a great game of 'dancing unknowns'. You might well ask what this is....well let me tell you. Where I work, my office has a big glass window looking onto the reception area. You can't hear the conversations outside the office but you can see people. I noticed the other day when I was having my lunch that people are very animated when they speak in the reception. I decided to put some dance music to see if the animated body movements would work with the music. Sure enough it did and let me tell you it is a great game. Warning, it can made you laugh a lot. We had 'Groove is in the Heart' playing and it worked perfectly. The result was two caseworkers crying with laughter for most of the morning. It was just what the doctor ordered after a couple of tough weeks.

Last weekend my chappie's mother stayed, so I made rather a lot of food. On the Saturday we had homemade Apricot and Hazelnut bread with some Lentil soup. At the night time my chappie and his mum had Chicken and mushroom casserole with baked pots. On the Sunday I made roast pork, sauteed greens with caraway seeds, maple carrots, roast spuds and homemade veg gravy. I had my fav Veggie Toad in the Hole. Then to top it off we had a New York Cheesecake. Chappie's mum was impressed and left very happy after her weekend here. I was totally knackered though!

This week we decided to have a go at making some bagels from the Good Food website. I love a good bagel and have always wondered how to make them. You simply make a bread dough, but before baking in the oven you have to blanch them in boiling water. They turned out pretty well for the first time and provided me with some sarnies for work.
Sesame, poppy and pumpkin seeded bagels
This weekend I decided to have a go at using Cornmeal, something I have never used in cooking before. I found a good recipe in one of my cookbooks for Tamale pie, which is a combination of cornmeal, sweetcorn, stock, tomatoes, spices, chilli and cheese. I accompanied this with some cornbread. When we were shopping in Lidl we noticed some mini bread pans which were ideal for the cornbread. They turned out perfect and were tasty dipped in the Tamale Pie. 

Large and small loaves of cornbread and some onion and cheese bread

Seeing as I was making bread anyway, I found another recipe for Onion and Cheese bread. They were simple to make but to be honest they were like mini pizzas! Delicious nevertheless. 

Till next time 

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