Thursday, 21 October 2010

Remain strong

I returned back to work today still feeling unwell and I wish I had stayed at home. Now my job is hard as I take a lot of flack, even when predominantly I am trying to help others. Without going into detail I have dealt with one particular case for over a year and have worked so hard on this case. You know where you have a day where you feel at your lowest and then someone delivers an extra blow? Well today was that day. I have cried a lot today, so much so I feel very numb and I have wondered why I do indeed bother doing the job I do.

Just at that moment when I felt at my lowest, I received the newsletter email from The Brave Girls Club. It was so relevant to my day and actually soothed me reading it. It reminded me that despite all the nastiness at work, I am loved by my family & friends and that I do matter. Sometimes the environment I work in really does make me doubt myself. Here is the email that I was sent....I am sure they will not mind me quoting it in the blog. Thank you Brave Girl Club, your inspiration pulled me from the brink today.

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